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Category: Music Music Night at Bogies | David Garfield (Cover $15)

November 14, 2017

Tuesday | November 14, 2017 | 7pm | Music Night at Bogies | David Garfield (Cover $15)


David Garfield has had the same mission statement since moving from his hometown of St. Louis to Los Angeles as a teenager in the early 70s: “I make music.” Fully living up to this vision and in more expansive ways over the past few decades, the multi-talented keyboardist and musical Renaissance Man has established himself an eclectic force in popular music. At any given point during his career—and often at the same time—he has been a renowned songwriter, producer, bandleader (of Los Angeles based contemporary world jazz collective Karizma), arranger, recording artist, record label owner (Creatchy Records), session and touring musician, musical director and composer of various commissioned themes for global organizations.

Reflecting on his extraordinary, diverse career, the Los Angeles based Garfield says, “It’s creatively invigorating to have the opportunity to do so many interesting musical projects, to see so many amazing places throughout the world, and to work with some of the greatest musicians both in L.A. and overseas. I feel as though I am always learning from the artists and musicians I work with, not simply on a musical level, but also benefiting from their wealth of stories and life and career experiences. There are always unexpected thrills along the way, from opening with his band for Sergio Mendez or Jason Mraz to recording in a studio next to Paul McCartney or Alice in Chains and having the opportunity to meet and get to know them. I love being involved in so many different aspects of music and the feeling that I truly never know what’s coming up next.”

Funk/Jazz/Latin LINEUP

  • David Garfield (Keys)
  • Leslie Smith (Vocals)
  • Lilliana De Los Reyes (Vocals & Percussion)
  • Kevin Chokan (Guitar)
  • Walt Fowler (Trumpet)
  • Larry Klimas (Sax)
  • Gary Novak (Drums)
  • John Peña (Bass)

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