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July 23, 2015

Shane Alexander & the Great Favorites | July 23, 2015 | 7:30pm

On the new record, themes of nostalgia, coming-of-age, and spirituality are intertwined against a sonic backdrop that feels both modern and classic at the same time. Alexander’s blend of folk, pop, and psychedelia calls to mind the subtle beauty of Simon & Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and Pink Floyd’s Meddle, as well as contemporary classics like Beck’s Sea Change. The fourth collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler (Lenka, Drowning Men, Gustavo Galindo), the new project highlights both Alexander’s inventive approaches to the acoustic guitar and his pristine, melancholic tenor. While Alexander and Mohler performed the majority of the instruments on Ladera, Peter Adams (Ricki Lee Jones, Michael Penn, Tears for Fears) contributed additional keyboards and ambient textures, and Jesse Siebenberg (Lissie, A Fine Frenzy, Supertramp) added the lush lap steel that ties the album together.

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