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Black Glass Tasting

February 13, 2016

Saturday February 13, 2016 | The Wine Cellar  | 6:00-9:00pm | $75

Limited space, tickets must be purchased in advance.

Black Glass Tasting

Could you tell a red wine from a white if you couldn't see their color? You might be surprised. We're taking the blind tasting to the next level. Test your wine tasting skills with a sensory analysis of five premium single varietal California wines served in black glasses, eliminating the guidance of sight. Explore the nose and palate to determine body style, acidity, fruit characteristics, alcohol content and age to attempt to conclude the grape varietal, and possibly even the region and vintage!

The Wine & Food

We've selected 5 premium, single varietal California wines made from the top 5% of entirely estate grown grapes from the best growing regions in California. Each tasting pour will be paired with a small bite to enhance your tasting experience, and additional wine and wood fired pizzas will be served when the tasting commences.

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