Yamaguchi Salon at Westlake Village Inn

Tucked away behind The Stonehaus in Westlake Village is the hair and makeup trailer used on the set of The Avengers, but for now it’s the temporary home of celebrity hairdresser Billy Yamaguchi and his staff of talented stylists and makeup artists. Already under construction is a first-class salon—Yamaguchi Salon at The Inn is scheduled to open in 2019. Until then, clients can enjoy their services in a bright, comfortable environment with all the amenities they’ve come to expect as part of the Yamaguchi Lifestyle.

A pioneer in the practice of feng shui beauty based on energy—he’s used his techniques on everyone from Charlize Theron to Lady Gaga—Yamaguchi applies feng shui principles that promote balance and harmony to hair, makeup and personal style. Yamaguchi asks a series of questions to determine which of the five elements are expressed by your personality. The results from this consultation are used to recommend your best hairstyle, hair color and recommendations for makeup, wardrobe and accessories.

Yamaguchi’s Feng Shui Transformation services have become so popular that he’s frequently on the road seeing clients in locations including Maui, Oahu, San Diego, Austin and New York, among others.

For the past twelve years, Yamaguchi Salon has provided a full menu of services at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, but when his contract expired in January, Yamaguchi accepted an offer to open a salon at the Westlake Village Inn.

It has long been Yamaguchi’s philosophy that personal growth occurs when you get out of your comfort zone, which is why he was intrigued by the idea of starting over in a completely new location where he has the opportunity to create something special. In effect, the master of the makeover is presiding over a very different kind of makeover: transforming his business into something fresh and accessible—Energy Unleashed.

To schedule a consultation or book an appointment, call (818) 889-0230 x6242.