Breaking Your Fast


Just six weeks into the New Year, many of us may find ourselves right on track with our 2015 goals, but many of us may find that we’ve already fallen behind. Much like the New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start so is each new morning. With each morning comes a new chance to make healthy choices for our bodies and start the day off right by eating a nutritious breakfast that will set the tone and inspire good choices for the rest of the day. Breakfast literally means to break your fast, and how we choose to do so can have a huge impact on our health. We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for most of us with busy mornings, long commutes or just small morning appetite’s, making healthy breakfast choices a habit can be a challenge. All too often we end up trading nutrients for convenience, or not eating breakfast at all.

Inspired by the idea of fresh starts, The Stonehaus launched a new Healthy Breakfast menu as well as a Superfood Smoothie menu to provide you with a variety of breakfast options that are not only gourmet & delicious, but nutritious, balanced, and filling, and the perfect way to healthfully break your fast! Our nutrient rich smoothies sneak in a large number of beneficial “superfoods” providing you with many of the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, proteins and omegas needed, while covering a wide variety of flavor profiles and appealing to even the pickiest of palates. All of our smoothies can be enjoyed in addition to our new healthy breakfast items, or can include added boosts making them a complete and balanced meal on their own, helping you start your day off right whether enjoyed leisurely amongst the vines, or taken on the go.

So as we inch closer to spring, and our resolutions start to fade with the winter, we need to strive to make healthy eating an enjoyable part of our everyday lives, not just something to suffer through a few times a year. By starting off each morning making healthy choices, these healthy choices will eventually begin to seep into your afternoons and trickle into your evenings, making not just for healthy days, but healthy weeks, months and years, until soon healthy eating is not just a resolution, but a way of life.

by: Morgan Caillat