Category: Music Music Night at Bogies | PAUL BARRERE/FRED TACKETT/KENNY GRADNEY [LITTLE FEAT] (Tickets $20 {link coming soon})

Music Night at Bogies | PAUL BARRERE/FRED TACKETT/KENNY GRADNEY [LITTLE FEAT] (Tickets $20 {link coming soon})

July 11, 2017

Tuesday | July 11, 2017 | 7pm | Music Night at Bogies | PAUL BARRERE/FRED TACKETT/KENNY GRADNEY [LITTLE FEAT] (Tickets $20)

[Ticket link coming soon!]


Paul Barrère plays guitar and slide guitar, and sings lead and background vocals for Little Feat. Paul Barrère joined Little Feat for the band's third album Dixie Chicken, and has been with the band since. During Little Feat's early 80's hiatus, Paul led the group Chicken Legs. Since Little Feat's return with "Let it Roll", Paul has stepped more into the spotlight. Paul's guitar, vocals, and songwriting are now an important part of the Little Feat sound.

In addition to his work with Little Feat, Paul Barrère has also recorded and performed with

many other fine musicians including: Chicken Legs, the Blues Busters (featuring Catfish Hodge),

Valerie Carter, Chico Hamilton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Palmer, and Carly

Simon. Paul has a solo album out on Zoo Entertainment called If the Phone Don't Ring . This is a compilation of material from Paul's On My Own Two Feat and Real Lies albums.

Fred Tackett plays guitar, trumpet, and mandolin for Little Feat. Hailing from Arkansas, Fred Tackett worked as a side man on many Little Feat albums before becoming a full member of the band for Let It Roll. Along with his fine guitar work, Fred's mandolin and trumpet have become a featured part of the Little Feat sound. Robert Palmer writes about Fred Tackett's early years in Rock and Roll: An Unruly History. In addition to his work with the Feat, Fred has a very large discography of work with other artists.

Guitarist W.G. Snuffy Walden was best known for his simple yet distinctive acoustic scores for a number of hit television series, most notably his influential work on the classic thirtysomething. Born in Louisiana in 1950, Walden first surfaced at age 15 backing B.J. Thomas, later fronting the band Stray Dog during three LPs recorded during the mid-'70s; as a session guitarist, he worked with Stevie Wonder on the seminal Songs in the Key of Life, in addition to projects from Greg Lake and Eric Burdon. He also briefly pursued a career as an actor. By the mid-'80s, Walden was primarily producing demo recordings when he was approached to write for television; he soon landed work writing incidental music for a new ABC series titled thirtysomething, and with his partner Stewart Levin created the subtle acoustic backdrop that became a key component of the program's unique flavor. Their theme for thirtysomething was not only nominated for an Emmy award, but its exquisitely luminous sound was also co-opted for other series and commercials attempting to capture the same upscale audience; additionally, Walden went on to score The Wonder Years and Roseanne, winning BMI Television Music Awards for his work on both series. His other credits include I'll Fly Away, My So-Called Life, Ellen, Cupid, and Felicity; additionally, he scored the mini-series The Stand, as well as numerous other telefilms.

Sara Niemietz is a fan of the third person. If you were to bump into her in real-life, she would sing and strum you a tune, but for now, she’ll write you a sketch of her life.

Chicago-native Sara Niemietz moved to California over a decade ago, in search of creative opportunities. Since then, she has starred on Broadway (Carol Burnett’s Hollywood Arms), appeared in television and film (Akeelah and the Bee, Glee), recorded vocals for many scores and projects, released four albums, sang in Times Square before 50,000 people, and spent countless hours honing her craft.

The last few years have been full of new ventures. Sara’s heartfelt songs and highly interactive approach to social media have garnered over nineteen million views and over a hundred fourteen thousand followers and subscribers across various new media platforms. In 2011, Ellen DeGeneres saw one of Sara’s videos and invited her to sing on The Ellen Show. That year, Richard Marx and Sara began a series of collaborations. She appeared on his A Night out with Friends CD/DVD set, as well as his Christmas Spirit record.

In 2012, Sara collaborated with Emmy-award winning composer, W.G. Snuffy Walden, and released a new EP, Push Play. The two recorded another collection of Christmas songs, Christmas Favorites, which became available later that year. A few months later, BJ Thomas invited Sara to Nashville to record on his new album, The Living Room Sessions (released in Spring of 2013). Her writing and singing also appear in the end titles of several recent films (Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy, In the Key of Eli, and Stetson: Street Dog of Park City).

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