Massages & Hydrotherapy



Winemaker Massage
Customized with your specific needs in mind, this relaxing yet therapeutic treatment combines a Swedish massage technique enhanced with vine-infused aromatherapy. This treatment recreates the ritual of the wine-making process on the body alternating with bare-handed pressure on energy paths. Your body will appreciate this divine massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and balanced.

50 or 80 minutes
210 | 265

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage
This deeply therapeutic treatment is designed to relieve body aches and sore muscles. Using a variety of techniques and stretching, this massage targets the deeper muscle fibers and eases inflammation-related discomfort. Choose from CBD Oil or Arnica Oil to be used in particular areas for additional healing benefits.

50 or 80 minutes
225 | 280

Hot Stone

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 
Experience the healing benefits of Himalayan salt stones paired with varied massage techniques. This spa favorite uses stones that are warmed to perfection to gently exfoliate skin, leaving it radiant. Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals and trace elements to purify and alkalize your body, relax tired muscles and calm your nervous system while replenishing your sense of well-being.

50 or 80 minutes
250 | 300


Relais Massage 
This deeply revitalizing treatment uses aromatherapy and Swedish massage to address muscle stress and includes a hand and arm massage to relieve fatigue triggered by everyday computer and cell phone use. Choose from our four Aromatic Alchemy blends of exotic herbs and essences, featuring ingredients such as cardamom, neroli, balsam fir and holy basil, all of which reboot the mind.

50 or 80 minutes
200 | 255

Lymphatic Drainage

The Mind-Body Massage
Perfect for the weary traveler. Warm organic coconut and essential oils are combined to improve circulation and lymphatic balance. Fluid and firm massage strokes focus on the feet, lower back, neck and shoulders. Heated aroma packs are placed on key points throughout the massage to leave you feeling invigorated.

50 or 80 minutes
225 | 275


Prenatal Rest and Renew Massage 
This deeply restorative treatment is designed for moms-to-be to help improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue. The session begins with a deeply relaxing Swedish massage to focus on specific concerns and includes a tension-relieving scalp massage to address upper stress of the back, neck and shoulders. The massage is intended only for those in their second or third trimesters.

50 or 80 minutes
225 | 280


Pour Deux Couples Massage 
Enjoy the side-by-side tranquility of shared relaxation in our luxurious couple’s suite. Customize your experience by choosing massage styles to suit each of your needs. Skilled therapists work in unison to ensure a relaxing ritual that celebrates your bond. Ideal for special occasions. Includes glass of Stonehaus wine or fresh juice of the day.

Price dependent upon massage selecion


Must be booked in conjunction with a 50-minute treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Vichy Shower
Inspired from the mineral springs in Vichy, France, Spa Relais offers the unmatched enhancement of the Vichy shower. A hot-and-cold water massage cascades through 6 showerheads, invigorating the entire body. Benefits include combating jet lag, boosting immunity, easing hangover symptoms, encouraging lymphatic drainage and reducing stress.

30 MINUTES | 75

Soaking Bath
Relax and replenish the body and mind by taking a 30-minute soak in aromatic essential oils and salts to nourish, soften and hydrate skin while soothing muscle aches and pains.

Choice of:

with organic hand-harvested sea salt and seaweed, rosemary and eucalyptus.
30 MINUTES | 75


Himalayan salt, grape-seed oil and lavender essential oil
30 MINUTES | 75