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Music Night at Bogies | BABYLON SOCIAL CLUB

January 24, 2016

Jan 24 | Music Night at Bogies | Babylon Social Club | 5:00pm

Babylon Social Club

This six-piece band features Leslie Smith and the remarkable Sara Niemietz sharing lead vocal duties, and veteran film composer and studio musician W.G. Snuffy Walden on guitar.  The music has a pop jazz feel with bluesy overtones. Niemietz is a revelation, trading lines with Smith's voice and Walden's guitar.  She is a classy veteran performer who electrifies an audience. Walden's soaring guitar work demonstrates his virtuosity and reminds us that before he wrote music for Thirtysomething, The Wonder Years, The West Wing and Friday Night Lights, he was an accomplished session guitarist backing artists like Stevie Wonder, the late Donna Summer, and Chaka Khan.

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