Category: General Yoga at Westlake Village Inn (RSVP $15)

Yoga at Westlake Village Inn (RSVP $15)

July 7, 2017

Saturday | 8:30am | Yoga at Westlake Village Inn

PRICING: $15.00 per class | RSVP – (818) 889-0230 | (limited space available)

The Westlake Village Inn offers a unique yoga experience surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of its natural environment. You’ll find our new Yoga Shala nestled in the midst of a tranquil and inviting courtyard setting, accented by a babbling brook and unobstructed vistas of the lush golf course. Our gifted instructors lead the class in meditation by encouraging the students to unify themselves with the surrounding space. As a mature oak tree blankets you in shade and light winds envelop you, the peaceful atmosphere is sure to enlighten and transform your consciousness and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Date Time Yoga Class Price
Fridays 8:30am $15.00 per person
Saturdays 8:30am

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