Best hotel around!!!

Best hotel around!!! Even if it were more expensive it is still worth it. This was the most amazing hotel around. As soon as you walk on the property you will know what I mean. It all started when I made the reservation. A woman named Lynn helped me and made sure that I got whatever I wanted. This really made me feel good. Then two weeks after I made the reservation it was time to come and stay here. The front desk personelle were great. The man whom helped me was Josh, and he was so friendly. He made sure that I was going to have the best weekend and the best stay that you could possibly have. After I got everything all set up with my room, and I tasted the delicious Vanilla latte from their amazing coffee maker, it was time to take my 4 bags to my room. A gentlemen named Alec was there to assist me with the luggage. Not only was he very friendly, but he made me feel like I was important by asking me where I was coming in from and how my travels were so far. After he lugged all my bags up the stairs (there is no elevator, only bad thing) he was able to get me ice for my ice bucket and also retrieved for me a menu from the restaurant Mediteraneo. He was very helpful along with the rest of the staff. I enjoyed my stay so much, there were no problems with the room at all. I had a beautiful room looking out onto the man-made lake. The rest of my stay was just as wonderful, and check out was easy. I would definitely recommend this hotel for anyone that needs to stay in this area, because not only is it nicer than all the others, but is cheaper!