Bud Break at the Westlake Village Inn

Spring is almost here and our buds are starting to break on our vines, hence the term “bud break.” Bud Break is the “green point” in a vine’s growth. As the ground warms up, hormones activate in the roots, sending a message to the vine to grow. Moisture then climbs up the plant causing sap to flow, which in return causes a “bud break.” This milestone is the beginning of the wine-growing season, when the grape vines have come out of their winter slumber. The “break” refers to the buds breaking out of their enclosure that has protected them through their winter dormancy. With spring’s arrival, the temperature increases and the roots are stimulated, causing the vines to grow into grape vines.

In celebration of the arrival of Spring and the breaking of the buds on our vines, we’re holding our second annual Bud Break Celebration Dinner in our exclusive Wine Cave on March 15th at 6:30pm.The event will highlight a tasting menu with 5 epicurean courses paired with 5 distinct wines created by our Executive Chef Lisa Biondi. This year we will be featuring five award winning wines from Silver Oak and Twomey.

Silver Oak began over a handshake between two friends with a bold vision: focus on one varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon, aged exclusively in American oak and worthy of cellaring for decades to come. Today, Silver Oak farms more than 400 acres of vines in Napa Valley and Alexander Valley with a leading-edge approach toward precision viticulture, allowing them to give thier vines exactly what they need, when they need it. All of their estate vineyards are certified under California’s Sustainable Winegrowing program.

Continuous improvement – or the notion that their best wines are still ahead of them – has been the driving force at Silver Oak for more than 45 years. At Twomey, they combine this philosophy, experience, and a sense of curiosity with the exploration of outstanding vineyards and growing regions from California to Oregon.

Join us on March 15th for a beautiful menu tasting featuring five exceptional wines paired with a delectable five-course menu.